If you’ve seen the trailer…

30 08 2009

If you have come here after seeing the promo video, then we should tell you what we are currently up to.

First things first – that video is NOT the final product! We hope to raise funds to make a full-length documentary feature, exploring the whole issue, and importantly, Australia’s involvement and responsibilities.

We may also need to launch a campaign around this issue.  However, it’s not the time for that yet.  In the next week or two, we will send our report to the Immigration Minister, and give him a chance to respond to it.  Let’s hope he does, and fairly quickly.  If there is hesitation from him or the government, we may need to launch a campaign letting the government know that we want humane treatment of asylum seekers, including the ones in Indonesia.

But please – watch this space and we’ll keep you posted!

We’ll also set up a FB group (and will post about that here when we do) so keep you eyes open!





2 responses

31 08 2009

I would like to thank very much for this great humanitarian effort and noble
I hope to help you God to serve the rights and humanity
I hope your work and your continued good that which God has blessed
And sought by the nobility and the good people like you
And the least thing I can say is that you accept my thanks and gratitude to my family and I
Iraqi immigrant family displaced from injustice, oppression and exploitation
And terrorism in all its forms and types and Msmyate

2 09 2009
Ross Hyams

Powerfull stuff. I strongly commend the efforts you are making. Keep shouting this as loud as you can and eventually you will be heard.

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