11 11 2009

Hi all,

Please note that the country prefix to contact Jessie Taylor from 12 November should be +61 (Australia) and NOT +62 (Indonesia).

Please forgive any confusion and we apologise for any inconvenience.





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26 11 2009

hello, i am also a refugee in and i left my country 10 years later.IT’s become responsibilty of australian government that they called all the asylum seeker and refugee to it’s country,give freedome to all those who were arerested in indonesian detenation center and jails. so now MR rudd take the responsibility of them and give protection from taliban and others.

23 04 2012
Wajdi Turkistani

Already Sent Message to (UNHCR, Refugee Councils, Human Rights)

To whom it may concern
Dear Jessie Taylor,
Good Day

I have seen your behind Australian doors wordpress and I’d like to give my apologies to the UNHCR Humanitarian system if I disturbed with my case number (186-12C01081), I’m writing this letter after I got the response from the Australian refugee council, they told me to contact the UNHCR officer from the current country, so I asked Cholidah (UNHCR) about the Interview appointment date but still there is no information about when it will take place, I’m sorry but I have waited 2 months without work and seperated from my Indonesian wife and a 9 years old daughter need me to work at my office, I need Humanitarian assistance because I’m hopeless, my daughter is feeling sick because she needs me beside her.

I’m in an embarrassing situation in Indonesia, I came from Saudi Arabia through Afghanistan to meet my Indonesian wife in Indonesia, to work and feed my family, I had 3 jobs here, Apple computers technician at the office, Teaching English Classes at courses, and Singing with my guitar at some events, I was disappointed when the immigration caught me at my office, I found out that my wife didn’t make my visa documents in the right way because of the Afghanistan political persecution problems, the visa was difficult to be extended, I couldn’t understand why but the immigration registered me in UNHCR, now I’m only waiting for the Interview then the refugee results.

without the refugee status determined.. I can’t go out of this detention house to work at my office again and my boss is trying to help but the immigration is waiting for my refugee status, I don’t know how long should I wait, my Indonesian wife is suffering at home waiting me to work and feed her, I have a 9 years old daughter studying, I need to get back to my job at the office, I’m not seeking for only economical solutions in Australia, but I need protection for my family, I appreciate for having good jobs here and many English Students of my classes, It’s only that I don’t have good citizenship to continue working here, I don’t want to live in Afghanistan, I don’t have family there nor Home, My parents live in Saudi Arabia, We’re displaced from Uzbekistan Originally because of the Communism War from Russia 40 years ago.

I need solution please, If it’s not possible to stay in Indonesia, at least let me work until I get solution for other countries to live in New Zealand or Australia that is safe for my family.

Article 14: Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

Wajdi Turkistani.
Immigration Detention House.
Pontianak – Indonesia
For info:

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