Julian Burnside QC on the importance of this issue

16 09 2009

From The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, 16 September 2009:

Australia’s ugly secret: we are still warehousing asylum seekers

The past week has seen a significant change in the treatment of asylum seekers in Australia. The grotesque practice of charging refugees for the daily cost of their imprisonment in our detention centres has now ended (despite the resistance of the Opposition). The degrading indignity of a visa which denies refugees the right to work or to receive Medicare or Centrelink benefits has ended. For these reforms the Government must be warmly congratulated.

But despite these welcome developments, the Government has an ugly secret: it is involved in warehousing asylum seekers in Indonesia in order to prevent them from seeking protection here. This is well documented, but not widely known.

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If you’ve seen the trailer…

30 08 2009

If you have come here after seeing the promo video, then we should tell you what we are currently up to.

First things first – that video is NOT the final product! We hope to raise funds to make a full-length documentary feature, exploring the whole issue, and importantly, Australia’s involvement and responsibilities.

We may also need to launch a campaign around this issue.  However, it’s not the time for that yet.  In the next week or two, we will send our report to the Immigration Minister, and give him a chance to respond to it.  Let’s hope he does, and fairly quickly.  If there is hesitation from him or the government, we may need to launch a campaign letting the government know that we want humane treatment of asylum seekers, including the ones in Indonesia.

But please – watch this space and we’ll keep you posted!

We’ll also set up a FB group (and will post about that here when we do) so keep you eyes open!


welcome & watch this space…

28 08 2009

welcome to the website of ‘behind australian doors’ – the working title of a film / report / movement aimed at improving the lives of asylum seekers currently being warehoused in Indonesian prisons, detention centres and compounds.
Thank you so much for your interest in this important issue. Keep coming back!